Welcome, to my brand new blog and youtube channel


Wow, it's been almost two months.. aaa two month with no post.
However, I couldn't more blessed and say much of thanks to whoever read my blog.
There's no day without no traffic. Love ya guys..

This is the reason why I didn't post anything for such a looong time :D

  • Kinda hectic with my work, just got New Zealand Patch with a lot of campaign to run. Soon I'll post how the advertising and my work stuff, just wait :B
  • I just changed my domain from magipost.blogspot.com to magipost.in. I wasn't aware that this could be a massive issue with my adsense. Aaaaa, please, in that time, I really really need an undo tools in my real life. Because once I upgrade my blog to paid domain, I am officially out from adsense. No more ads on my blog.
  • After back and forth more than three times resubmitting my blog. Finally  yeay it's approved!
  • But.... I still have a lot of work to do in the office. Besides, Kebayoran lama - Thamrin feels like Jakarta-Bandung. So tired! have no time, even just to open my lovely laptop.

Well, now, I just moved to Thamrin,  and got a lot of freeeee time, yeayyyy.
No need to spend a lot of time in Busway, gojek, and KRL again... :D

As my blog is officially magipost.in, hope this will easily to remember :D
you guys still can open my blog through magipost.blogspot.com or just type magipost on your google search engine. Free to choose, yeay


I do also will update my youtube channel. 
Just found out that my video from about 5 years ago hit more that 10,000 viewers. 
Aaaa, so excited to explore and try everything, and share the positive energy to the world :D
Last but not least, please kindly visit and subscribe to my channel.

See you fellas \m/


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