My Research is Officially Published on National Seminar Proceeding

My Research is Officially Published on National Seminar Proceeding

Holla guys,
Finally, after a few month since I was giving an oral presentation at National Seminar in Universitas Padjadjaran, my research is officially published on National Seminar Proceeding.
Based on what wikipedia says, 
In academia, proceedings are the collection of academic papers published in the context of an academic conference. They are usually distributed as printed volumes or in electronic form either before the conference opens or after it has closed.

or download here.

Actually, I want to write this post using Bahasa, but I saw my traffic not only comes from Indonesia, and as far as I know, sharing about research could really help other researcher a lot especially for the new one.
Well, I present to you the abstract of my research

Drought is a situation where the lack of water availability due to climate change such as decreasing rainfall in a long dry season. Water itself is a resource that is needed by living things on earth. So, it’s important to analyze and to predict the occurrence of drought as a reference for prevention and preparation in facing drought. In this research, we use a Vector Autoregressive Moving Average model with parameter estimation using Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method (MLE) for predicting a drought index of three month scale of Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) in West Java at Bogor, Sumedang and Indramayu. The model of VARMA(2,2) is used to predict the drought index of SPI in the next three month. The calculation is using RStudio 3.2.5. The result show that the drought index of SPI in Bogor, Sumedang and Indramayu are in the drought category of normal.
Keywords: Drought, VARMA, MLE, SPI

Anyone who wants to know more about my research in detail can simply email me.

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My Research is Officially Published on National Seminar Proceeding
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