Three things you should do when you get down

There is a moment when people feels like asking everything like

"Why me?"
"Why this is happen to me?"
"Why is everything so unfair?"
"why and why??"

For me, I have three things that I do when my heart falls apart or we can just called it 'down moment'.

Number one,
I would be gratefull for everything. I watched Dian Sastro on a talkshow, she's telling the reason why she always look happy all along. The answer is just be gratefull for everything. We could just simply write on the list every single morning when you wake up or when you're going to bed in the night. Think about what you already have but not everyone has. Think of what you've done so far. There're always something that can be learnt from the bad things and good things.

Number two,
Use the power of your pray. As a moslem, Wudhu and Shalat is like a medicine. Well, I think its okay if sometimes I cry my eyes out while having pray.

Number three,
Move on. Get a life! It's not the end of the world.
That's all for now. 

ps: I'm writing this on the bus garut-lebakbulus. The power of 'macet' ^,^


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