Everything will be alright

Everything will be alright

With a cup of coffee.
10 pm.
I need you by M83 and Tee Shirt by Birdy are on my playlist on repeat.
I love to learn everything that can motivate me to be better. This not include of pure motivation book. 
Here are a few things happened on this month.

  •  I recently finished read Insurgent
 The second novel of Dystopian trilogies that succeed stole my times. The things I learned from this novel are about trust and truthHow hard to tell the truth to someone you've trust wherein  the truth is about something bad and can hardly to accept. 
Till you faced the option between lie or silent. I hate being a liar, then I prefer to keep silent at all. 

"Tris," he says, gently this time. "I'm sorry I shouldn't pretend that I understand. I just mean that..." He struggles for a moment. "I wish you trusted me enough to tell me things like that."

I do trust you, is what I want to say. But it isn't true. I didn't trust  him to love me despite the terrible things I had done. I don't trust anyone to do that, but that isn't his problem, it's mine. (chapter thirteen)

The truth serum is my favorite part ever.
"I regret my choice."
"What choice?"
"Dauntless,"he says. I was born for Abnegation. I was planning on leaving Dauntless, and becoming factionless. But then I met her, and I felt like maybe I could make something more of my decision.
Her. (Chapter twelve)
Whenever I remember how sweet Tobias, the reason why he still in dauntless just because of someone he loves. I always thinking about how sweet the truth anyway. If I were Beatrice, I would so overwhelmed to hear that.

Everyone has their own secret. But it doesn't mean we have to tell lies.

  • I watched Triangle Movie.

It's a 2009 psychological thriller film written by Christopher Smith. This film told me that there are things we couldn't change and we have to accept all heart within. 
Simply, if you die, then you shouldn't live anymore.  
Do everything as best as you can, so you will never ever regret anything.
The synopsis : here

  • Inauguration becoming a Protokol Madya  
I was really excited to spend 20 and 21 Sept with KPM mates. Just like found friends, family and 2nd Home. I obsessed to get happy ending, so it doesn't matter how tired I am. Life must be worthy.
  • I put the quotes on my wall
I won't do it.
I can't do it.
I want to do it.
How do I do it.
I'll try to do it.
I can do it.
I will do it.
Yes, I did it.
So.... Which step have you reached today?

Every Damn Day.
Just Do It.
Cause everything will be alright


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