At times, I imagine that all the things in this world is speaking to me. I can hear what the world says in some moment. When I across the avenue and see crowded people look likes busy with their own business, the world says that the bigger thing is the association of the small thing. So, I realize that if I do more and more good things, I’ll be a good person then.
When I see the scenery, the world says that there are more  gorgeous view out there.  I prove it my self. I found the differences when comparing the view in front of my house , my dorm, my campus  nor the place I visited . So I fervor my personal beliefs to try as possible as I can to explore the world. Expanding the knowledge of many kinds of places. Because there  must  be something sophisticated in each place.
Meanwhile, the world is remind my self to be grateful if I visited an orphanage nor the place where people with physical defect lived. Complaining the problem of life continuously is worthless. Because I’ve to concern that anybody else may have bigger problem.  
Basically, I’m surrounding my mind with my own imagination almost all the time in every moment. Till something have change my mind since I read a novel by J.D. Salinger with title Catcher in The Rye. It’s about a young man named Holden Cauldfield. I love this novel because the story is seems so real. Holden describe all the thing happen in his life simply but cool. My favorite part is the story about his school, family, and roommates in the dormitory. This novel inspire me that life is about creating ourselves and enjoying how the life is.  I realize that words can figure out the story of life.   
So I decided to fill my life with so much storyline. My life shouldn’t be flat anyway. I have to create something worth. Because one day in the future I’ll try to remember all the thing happen as long as I life. That would be great if  I write my story of life like in Catcher in The Rye. I want to share everything I knew to other people.
 I’d like not to stop imagining the world speak to me. I decided to make a novel as my second memorize. So, when I read it in another time later I would remember that experience is never expire.
                                                                                                          Iis Maryasih


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