Being Different

Someone told me that I was a strange, nerd and geek., I could be so expert when talking the things I like. I always wanna share everything I knew.  I realized, so many thing I love in this life. Science, logic, imagination, freedom, passion, etcetera. . The time when I knew something I could be feel likes I dunno anything. I never feel enough to catch knowledge

I don't wanna make somebody impressed at me at all. I just really appreciate people who has so many knowledge. Being smart is not about got high score in the test. 
But its about how we know what we do, love, and we passionate for worth.

Never cheat someone else, but rebuild and develop all we got from other to make a different one.
Think out of the box, and push your self motivation by doing and learning not just speaking. 
Let anyone knows you with their ways. Just being original and different from other. Do what your passionate for, believe that everyone will know you are a great person.


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