With Humaskominfo 2013

Humaskominfo 2013
PH Himatika FMIPA Unpad 

Row 1 from left  : Isa, Ka Rezky, Ka Gilar, Ka Karli
Row 2 from left  : Mia, Teh Novi, Mega, Litani, Teh Rahmi, Teh Isna, Indah, Teh Ica, Ufa
Row 3 From left : Reza, Me, Elga, Yara, Teh Aul, Tiyas, Ziki

I don't know how I am supposed to tell about a huge experience with them from the first. 
Day goes by we capture everything at ruhim Himatika. 
I won't forget all the problem when I edit the HE's video and all of us keep struggle and try best to look fine even we're being afraid anyway.

Big thanks all!
Lets us draw other great time later. 


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