Flow chart design in Medinfo'13

I had a lot of words to describe how I through February's last week. 
So hard to tell how tired we are. re : Medinfo'13

I can't hardly feel the clock tick life's away. The only thing I remember that I had a terrible  lunch and dinner times. Till I got cough at the final. 
So dizzy at the first, but finally I could make a temporary design. That's 'bout a castle and pirates group. 
Be honest, I love this design anyway. Somehow, we combined all ideas and got a cool combination.

Then I was realize that I found a complete  team work. We gathered to pass all bored time.
We try to get harder and harder to front the DEADline. 

Finaly, 2 March 2013, All the stuff is done. 

Thanks for everybody who helped us. I couldn't mention one by one. But your rock guys, love yaaaa


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