All England 2013

My fav player. Sainal Nehwal from India. She's real fighter in the court.

No matter about the pressure from rival, her defends was good anyway.
I thought she wins from China's player cause she's patiently plays the game even in rubber.

I don't have a time to crop the image .
I couldn't figure out before, Intanon outbid Saina. Intanon, she's so young in All England. So proud to be her.

I watched the QF game on Bwf Channel  at 1.00 am. There're just around 3k people online.
Surprisingly, there're about 30k people watched on streaming in final.
But, unfortunately I didn't have any capture to prove it.
 So shamed cause I read calculus for a minute and fallen as sleep so easily. 

But so happy then, I could wake up exactly when the XD match began. yeay

So far as I knew, Tolyn (Tontowi/Liliyana) usually seems uncomfortable and nerves when beats duo Z (Zang Nan/ Zhao Yunlei). When I was in Senior High School, I watched their match and I disappointed then.
 Even their head to head is 4-2 , Tolyn won the last match twice.

Too much error from China. And Tolyn played good. Breathtakingly when the point by point comes for Tolyn and duo Z tried to chase after. Almost along match Tolyn lead the game. Till they won straight set.

Just feel All England's atmosphere, I really wants to give my sound around, 
yelling out Indonesia Indonesia indonesia. 
I heard China's supporter was yelling out Zang Zao too. But Indonesian sounds dominated. 

I'll never regret being your fans, Liliyana Natsir. 
A commentator said that you're the best mix double player he ever seen. And I agreed.

I love their celebration. Butet (Liliyana) jump as high as she can and Owi (Tontowi) take a bless kneeling. They're so happy, and I pleased to saw them like that. 

This video was so funny. Butet and Owi speaks in English.
They helped by Mba Widya, and when Butet try so hard to tell "unforgettable  moment", that's so funny. She said to Mba Widya then "Unforgettable apa mba, susah amat." lol  
BL should watch this video! 

Congrats and thank so much. You both shown me a great match, you played best.
Indonesia proud to you Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad.

Keep rocks on every match. Hoping you'll be a world champion.
 We love ya....


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