Scrift Dream A Dreamer (Drama)

Beams Dreamer are Rizal, Arin, Iis, Ossy, and Jomka.
Scene 1
Rizal is sitting close to his laptop. He’s looking some memories with his friends in senior high school. He misses his friends. Then he’s going to call one of his friends.
Rizal         : “Oh God, I miss all the things about them. They’re my best friends ever. Hmm, I should call one of them right now.”
Connecting to iis.
Iis              : “Hey Rizal, how have you been?”
Rizal         : “I’m fine. How about you? Where are you now? ”
Iis              : “Fine too, Now, I’m in Paris. Why?”
Rizal         : “There’s something I want to tell you about senior high school reunion. Do you still remember Beams Dreamer? Our group ? ”
Iis              : “Certainly, That’s sound great. I plan it too. Yesterday, I chatted with Arin and Ossy and talked about this.”
Rizal         : “Yeah, that’s why I call you. You keep contact them well. I only connected to Jomka.”
Iis              : “Oh, I see. I’ll contact Arin and Ossy soon. I’ll return to Indonesia for my holiday next week. I guess they’re going to holiday too.”
Rizal         : “Well, I’ll tell Jomka about this. But, Where will we meet?”
Iis              : “Let us meet in Pixoten park.”
Rizal         : “Okay.”
Scene 2
In Pixoten Park, Beams Dreamer are gathering.
Arin           : “You know guys, I’ll never forget all the things we’ve done when we’re together like this.”
Rizal         : “You’re right, Sometimes I miss going to back to senior high school again.”
Jomka      : “There’s too much memories we’ve created. All the phases when we were growing up.”
Iis              : “We’re seem too foolish formerly.”
Ossy come.
Ossy         : “I’m sorry for being late guys.”
Jomka      : “Nothings change with you, ha. I’m not surprised anymore. You’re always come late.”
Ossy         : “Sorry.”
Rizal         : “Don’t be sad Ossy. Jomka is just kidding you.”
Arin           : “I’m sorry Ossy. But I think, I agree with Jomka. We’re not surprised if you come late. Do you remember, almost every week you were punished in school because coming late.”
Ossy         : ”Haha, You’re wrong. That’s almost every day not every week exactly.”
All             : (Laughing)
Iis               : “Oh, I remember all the laughter we shared. I miss it much. Remembering all mistreat about us.”
They memorizing Iis, Jomka and Ossy mistreated Rizal when he’s telling love to Arin. And they’re laughing.
Arin           : “Stopped, that’s not funny.”
Rizal         : “Yeah, don’t make me shame at twice guys.”
Jomka      : “Haha, See! They’re blushing.”
Ossy         : “Love, love, love. That’s called Rizal and Arin icon.”
Rizal,Arin: “Shut up.”
Iis              : “Arin, Rizal, Check your cheeks are turning into red again, Look likes tomatoes exact.”
All             : (Laughing)
Rizal         : “Yeah, the sweetest memories. I remember all the wishes we made.”
Arin           : “I want to be business women. Then I did now. Even for manage my own enterprise.”
Iis              : “I want to be a designer. Then, Now I live in Paris, one of design city center with my own creative and production house.”
Ossy         : “I want to be a wanderer. Climbing Alpen mount, and going around the world. Then I’m a reporter now. I report the scene of many famous places and making so much great trip.”
Rizal          : “I want to be a detective. Then, Now I’m a lawyer. I’ve solved many cases. I really love my job.”
Jomka      : “I want to be an architect. Then, Now I’m an engineer. I have many big projects. And many people trust my handle and creation.”
All             : “Yes, We did.”
Scene 3
Suddenly, Rizal wake up. All the scene is only about his dream.
Message from Jomka : “Wake up !!!. 5 minutes remains for school. I’m waiting in your backyard.”
Rizal         : “Its just a dream.”(sigh)
Scene 4
Arin           : ”Why you’re look so moody.”
Jomka      : “He sad because break up with you.”
Rizal          : “Hey, No Arin. Don’t listen to him. I’m just thinking about my dream last night. It seems so real.”
Iis              : “What Dream?”
Rizal         : “I dreamt that we’re being success and held a reunion.”
Ossy         : “Are you serious?”
Rizal         : “No hoax, I swear. All our wishes come true. It seems so real. Trust me.”
Jomka      : “Hm. I know the reason why you dreamt. That’s a caution for us.”
Arin           : “What caution?”
Jomka      : “We have to study hard. We don’t have anytime to waste again.”
Arin           : “I think, we don’t enough become a dreamer again.”
Ossy         : “Yeah, You’re right. We don’t be lazy anymore.”
Arin           : “I think we should to start as soon as possible. Lets make your dream come true Rizal.”
Rizal         : “That’s what I mean.”
Iis              : “Hm, Well, Don’t waste our time again. Or time will waste us.”
They start to study hard seriously. Rizal’s dream motivated them to reach their desire.
Till 5 years later. They succeeded to draw their destiny. They changed a sketch into real.

Author : iis maryasih


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