Waktu itu gue bikin ini scrift hampir seharian. Dan pada akhirnya selesai juga drama di kelas dengan banyak  distorsi. Tapi lumayan lah, gue setidaknya belajar jadi scrift writer yang amatir. Siapa tau naskah ini berguna buat gue kelak nanti. 
Kisahnya itu mix antara Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih, Aladin, Cinderella, dan tales lainnya. Check this out guys ...


Long time ago there was a huge empire. That was kingdom Majamanis. In that kingdom, the King and Queen have three children. Two girls and one boy. Princess Aurora, Princess Minnie, and the Prince Black. Princess Aurora really liked the Antic things. And Princess Minnie liked food. While the Prince Black as the Prince generally. But he did not have any girlfriend.
The King has felt old enough to lead the kingdom. So the king ordered the Prince Black to get married soon. That's why the King held a party for all the girls around the world. In order for the Prince Black to choose a girl to marry.
On one day the Prince Black, Princess Minnie, and Princess Aurora went outside the palace to a journey. In the journey they met with Bawang Putih who were singing on the riverbank. He was talking to a witch who was cursed being a fish. Nemomi. Princess Aurora and Princess Minnie interested to Nemomi. While the Prince Black interest and  fell in love  with Bawang Putih. Bawang Putih is a kind girl. She lived with her stepbrother. Bawang Merah, Bawang Daun, Bawang Bombay and her stepmother.
That time, Bawang Putih was washing clothes riverside. But he remembered his mother's orders to go home at 12 noon. So Bawang Putih hurriedly took his clothes and go home. And undesignedly  she fell her shawl. Fortunately Prince Black took his shawl. And Prince Black invite Bawang Putih to come to the party in the kingdom of Majamanis.
After that, Princess Aurora found the bottle Antic. Apparently the bottle was a magic bottle containing a genie named Casper. Casper was  Nemomi’s friend.Who cursed with a locked up inside the bottle by Voldemort, the evil witch in their world.
Casper gave opportunity to Princess Minnie's three wishes. Because she took out Casper from the botle. Princess Minnie's first request was for food. The second she handed over to the Princess Aurora. But Princess Minnie used the second wish to free Casper, so that he didn’t trapp in the bottle again. And the final request for the Prince Black. He asked Casper to tell who’s name the owner of the shawl which was brought by Bawang Putih. Casper of course told that she is Bawang Putih. And Casper just notified the name of Bawang Putih. And he disappeared after spell the shawl of Bawang Putih for helped Prince Black to find her.
Next, party at the Majamanis began and attended a lot of girls including Bawang Merah, Bawang Bombay, and Bawang Daun. But Bawang Putih wasn’t. Because her stepmother didn’t allow her. But she helped by Nemomi, who canged into a girl wizard because his condemnation had been lost because Casper has been released, finally Bawang Putih could go to the party.
At the time of the party. Casper using the scarf that has been spell to search for Bawang Putih. He helped Prince Black to find Bawang Putih. Anyone who wore a scarf will answer every questions honestly. And shown who they are. In the end it made Prince Black met with Bawang Putih and married her. Finnaly, all people lived happily except Bawang Merah, Bawang Bombay, Bawang Daun and stepmother. Because they lost their homes and their treasure. Due to a disaster that struck their village.



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