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*     King
Prince Black
Princess Aurora
Princess Minnie
Bawang Merah
Bawang putih
Bawang bombay
Bawang daun

*     Casper
*     Nemomi


Narrator 1          : Once, Long long time ago there was a huge empire. The territory covers from the area of ​​arctic ocean, pacific, Greenland, Europe, Atlantic, Caribbean, until Antarctica. In fact, almost the entire of world. Do you believe it?
Narrator 2          : Yes, no. But I know this is the kingdom of Majamanis and believe me.The King and Queen have 3 children. Two girls and one boy.
Princess Aurora   : "Dad, Mom, look at this painting!"
Queen                     : "Waw beautiful, who made it? "
Princess Minnie  : "Of course I am."
Princess Aurora  : "What? No Mom, she's lying. This painting is mine. See, I drew you, Minnie and this is my self.
Princess Minnie  : "Dont forget that I drew father and Prince Black too. Just admit that  you can only draw the female figures. "
Princess Aurora  : "Do not you realize, you also can only draw a male figure. "
Queen                     : "Shut up, this painting belong to both of you. Both of you are very talented. Mother and father are very proud. Right? "
King                         : "yes, We are proud of both of you. Minnie, please call Prince Black. I want to talk to him. "
Princess Minnie  : "Ok father. Aurora call Prince Black now. Tell him that father want to talk to him. "
Princess Aurora  : "What do you mean? Dad ask you, not me. "
King                         : "Yes, I ask you. "
Princess Minnie : "I know. Father told me, and I told Aurora, my old sister. I  just need a help to call Prince Black, father. Because I still want to enjoy this fruit. Hmmm, So delicious .
King                         : " Hurry, call the Prince Black and stop eating. Could  you away from food for a few moments. "
Princess Minnie : "You want to make me  away from food and make me die of hunger."
Queen                     : " He means you should eat regularly. "
King                         : "Yes, your mother is right. Come on, call the Prince Black, and store your food now. "
Princess Minnie  : "But ..."
King                         : "Just save it and don’t argue."
Princess Aurora   : "Go, go, go,. . "
Princess Aurora pick up food at Princess Minnie’s hand. And Princess Minnie went to call the Prince Black. Meanwhile the King look so sad.
Princess Aurora    : "Why dad look so sad, what is going on? "
Queen                     : "Yes, Any problem with the empire? And Why you call Prince Black to here, what he's doing wrong? "
King                         : "Wait until the Aurora and Black come to here, then I'll tell  the story."
Then the Prince Black and Princess Aurora comes.
Prince Black           : "Father, What’s up?"
King                         : "Sit down, Son. Listen to me, right now I'm too old enough to lead the kingdom. While you know that our kingdom is progressing well now. "
Queen                     : "You mean it's time to Prince Black to lead? While he's get married yet? "
King                         : "yeah, right. Prince Black, it's time you to lead our kingdom. So, when you marry?"
Prince Black           : "But dad, I don’t have a girlfriend now."
Princess Aurora    : "(Mockery) Prince Black looking for a princess. Let anyone,who wants to be a princess, hahaha, It so ridiculous."
Prince Black           : "Oh, shut up. That's not funny. "
Princess Minnie    : "I have an idea, what if we held a party to find a princess for you. A party which will come all the girls from around the world. A big party. In every corner there are a variety of dishes of food. Right corner of fruits, left corner with assorted cakes, and Turkish delight scatter on every table.
Everyone complain when Minnie talking about the food.
Queen                     : "Oh, Minnie your mind are always about food, I really do not understand."
Princess Minnie  : "Oh, That’s cool Mom."
Prince Black           : " I'm tired to hear you’re talking about the food continues. Actually, I'm lazy to admit it. But it's a good idea. "
King                         : "Yes, I agree. Next week we will make the party, so the girls come from all over the world to this palace. "
Princess Minnie : "excellent, So we will enjoy Turkish delight as much as I want, hmmmm."
King                         : "The party without food, exactly. "
Princess Minnie   : "What, without food. How could a party without food? Completely  impossible. "
Prince Black           : "Please stop talking about food. Dad, now I want to go outside the palace. I began to feel bored if I have to always be in the palace. Could I? "
Princess Aurora    : "Me too.”
Princess Minnie    : "So I am, maybe I'll found a new food outside the palace which is more tasty."
Again and again, all the complaining with Princess Minnie’s talking.
King                         : "I'll let you all to go for a walk outside the palace. But be careful. "
Prince Black           : "Yes, We will. Thank you. "
NARRATOR 2         : The Prince Black, Princess Minnie, and Princess Aurora went for a walk outside the palace. Meanwhile in another corner. You know where it is?
Narrator 1             : No, where?
Narrator 2             : I do not know. Where are you going?
Narrator 1             : How about Amazon?
NARRATOR 2         : Amazon, Amazone yes, the Amazon river in northern South America, largely in Brazil, Ranked as the Largest in the world in terms of watershed area, number of tributaries, and volume of water discharged.
Narrator 1             : Okay, that sounds so bore. Have you ever heard about Citarum.
Narrator 2             : Yes, the river in Indonesia. Oh, I love Indonesia.
Narrator 1             : Yes, there lies a village, rather close to the Citarum river. Live four girls and the stepmother. They are so bad.
Narrator 2             : No, Not, do not believe her. Actually there are four girls. Bawang merah, bawang Putih, Bawang Bombay, Bawang Daun  and the stepmother. And Bawang Putih is a kind girl.”
Narrator 1             : That's what I mean. And except her, they are so bad.
Scene 2
Bawang merah     : "... Bawang putih. Bawang putih, bring me a drink, quickly! "
Bawang daun        : "Do not forget to bring a toast, too."
Bawang putih        : "Yes. Here it is. "
Suddenly Bawang Bombay try to make Bawang putih fall. So Bawang putih can not keep his balance while walking over to Bawang Merah and Bawang Daun. Finally the water spill to the dress of Bawang merah.
Bawang merah     : "Bawang putih what you have done. Oh my new dress. "
Bawang putih        : "I'm so so sorry."
Bawang daun        : "Give my toast. I'm hungry. What is this?
Bawang putih        : "cheese toast."
Bawang daun        : "What? Cheese. Do you khow that I don’t like cheese. Do you want me to throw up this food to you. "
Bawang Bombay  : "You are so stupid. I want to know your reason, why you don’t iron my clothes. Listen to me. I'm a pretty girl who needs neat clothes. Not like you. You are supposed to wear ugly clothes. "
Bawang putih        : "Sorry, Mother had told me to clean all the rooms of this house. Don’t you know if this house is big enough. And I clean it alone."
Bawang bombay  : "What? You're brave to against me? "
Stepmother           : "What is going on, Don’t be noisy. I'm giddy to hear that. "
Bawang merah     : "See, he spill water into my new dress. This dress is expensive enough,  $ 300. "
Bawang daun        : "And he gave me cheese toast. You know I don’t like to eat cheese. And I'm very hungry this morning. But because of Bawang putih so I can’t eat Mom.
Stepmother           : "What? Bawang putih, you are certainly bad. You never do the thing well. You are the trouble maker. Just like your father and mother. "
Bawang bombay : "See Mom, he also don’t iron my clothes. And I will wear this to go for a walk today.
Stepmother           : "Bawang bombay, I understand to you. I recommend you wear the other clothes . Because Bawang putih, you must go to the river and wash all my clothes.
Bawang bombay: "I can’t Mom, I want to wear this dress. I don’t want another. "
Stepmother           : "when will you go?"
Bawang bombay: "This afternoon."
Bawang daun        : "Exactly at 2 pm."
Bawang merah     : "Yes mom, this afternoon we want to go for a walk along to Disney land next to Majamanis kingdom."
Stepmother           : "Alright, you have to wash these clothes right now, Bawang Putih. But at 12 pm, this afternoon you should have returned to the house, remember that. Understand? "
Bawang putih        : "yes, I understand."
Bawang putih is washing in the Citarum river. She accompanied by his best friend, Nemomi. Nemomi is a fish.
Scene 3
Bawang putih        : "Thank you Nemomi, you are my best friend I ever had. Suppose that my sister and my stepmother like you. "
Nemomi                 : "Dont be sad Bawang putih, I'll always be your friend. Don’t think about them. The important thing is you're not bad like them. I'm pleased to be your fiend.”
Bawang putih        : "Suppose that  you are a human, Nemomi. I will definitely invite you to play in my home. "
Nemomi                 : "And to meet you sisters and your stepmother who are spooky. Oh, no, no, thank you. "
Bawang putih        : "Oh, I think if you are a human, I'll take you to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. There is a scarce flower, Rafflesia arnoldii.
Nemomi                 : "I know that, oh the flowers smell bad. It must be match perfume for your sister and your stepmother yes, hahaha. .
Bawang putih        : "Oh, You are kidding me. They are still my family. But how do you know the smell of Rafflesia arnoldii. Did you ever get there and smell that flower?
Nemomi                 : "Oh, of course I ever get there. I've been round the world to various places with my friend Casper. But we've been cursed by an evil wizard, Voldemort. You know him? Oh I guess you don’t know about him. He cursed me to be a fish. While my friend locked up in a bottle. We were both thrown into the ocean. And we are separated by the  big waves. Since then I never saw him again. "(Sad, crying)
Bawang putih        : "Don’t cry, I'm so sad to hear that. But I'm sure, someday you will definitely see him again. Trust me. "
Nemomi                 : "I hope too."
Bawang putih        : "I'll sing for you, so don’t sad anymore."
Nemomi                 : "yes, yes. I want to hear your voice, Bawang putih, lets sing now. "
Bawang putih Then sing with a melodious voice. When she sings, incidentally Prince Black, Princess Aurora and Princess Minnie was walking down the Citarum river not far from where Bawang putih is located.
Prince Black           : "Who is singing? So melodious."
Princess Aurora    : "Hey, look at there."
Prince Black           : "Oh cool."
Princess Minnie    : "A girl was washing clothes on the riverside, and without any food, I'm sure about it it. How it can be cool? "
Then the Prince Black, Princess Aurora and Princess Minnie over Bawang putih.
Prince Black           : "Hey, what are you doing?"
Bawang putih        : (Shocked) "Nemomi, go away right now, hurry up! "
Princess Aurora    : "You are  talking to that fish? Waw, that’s cool. Hey come here magic fish, come here. "(Try to catch Nemomi)
Princess Minnie    : "I said it would not be cool. Oh, it might be cool if I cook that fish.”
Bawang putih        : "Oh, dont hurt Nemomi, please."
Nemomi                 : " I'm fine, Bawang putih."
Princess Minnie    : "What, the fish is really talking. I do not want to eat the talking fish. I won’t. But I’d better to talk to her. Maybe she knows about seafood. "
Prince Black           : "So, what are you doing? Talking with the fish. "
Bawang putih        : "Uh, no, I am washing clothes."
Prince Black           : " Are you singing right now? It so melodious. "
Bawang putih        : "yes, oh thank you."
Prince Black         : "Kingdom of Majamanis will held a party for all girls everywhere. I hope you'll come. "
Bawang putih        : "I want, but. . . Oh, no. I must go home now. "
Prince Black           : "Please come."
Bawang putih        : (running ) I'll try. "
Prince Black           : "hey, your scarf  fell. Where she is, oh no. "
Princess Aurora    : "Where's that  girl?"
Princess Minnie    : " Not for the magic fish or seafood that we got. But we just get the bottles. Oh no.
Princess Aurora    : "Shut up, this is not an ordinary bottle, look at the unique shape of the bottle. I like it. "
Prince Black           : "That's true, unique and visible Antic. "
Princess Minnie    : "(annoyed) ah, what? Antic Bottle, unique, and not just an ordinary bottle. And what else? Miraculous, magic? Yes, this is the magic bottle. just rub the bottle like this, and then a genie will appear and he can approve any requests, ah you are over."
Then suddenly the genie appear from the bottle.
Prince Black           : "Who are you?"
Princess Aurora    : "Are you the genie from the bottle?”
Casper                    : (waking) "Ha, what? What is every things alright? What should I do. Oh, thank you the majesty. You released me from the bottle. What do you want?"
Princess Minnie    : "Food. "
Casper                    : "Who among you, you, you, you, oh yes. Food. Here it is. "
Princess Minnie    : "What? Hey this is so delicious. "
Casper                    : "Of course the majesty. Actually, I so hungry. And I don’t eat the food like that for along time.”
Princess Minnie    : "Of course. Come over here ... ... "
Casper                    : "Casper. The majesty. I’m casper, the most powerful genie, funny, cool, kind, not arrogant, I’m from Sigma School of Wizard. (Sadly) Oh, that was before Voldemort cursed me into bottles. I hate him. "
Princess Aurora    : "Why don’t you fight?"
Casper                    : " Fight, I'm afraid I'll win. Oh, win, lose, win, lose, Oh I mean I'm afraid of losing. Actually, I’m exactly defeated. He is very strong. But do not worry he just  in a world of magic. "
Prince Black           : "And we exist in the real world. Hey casper are you really to  approve the request of anyone who set you free from the bottle. "
Casper                   : "Yes of course. Please just ask. What do you want? Money, cameras, laptops, i-pad, palace, broomsticks, flying carpets, and whatever you want. But just three wishes. Remember, just three. And just now you're asking for food. And two other requests left. "
Princess Minnie    : "Oh, I’m enough with food. So first, what do you want Aurora? "
Princess Aurora    : "Oh Thank you Mini, But What I really want, I want. . .huh. Any idea? "
Casper                    : "What if you let me free."
Prince Black           : "But now you are free. You are outside the bottle."
Casper                    : "yes but it only temporarily. After I approve your three request, I will return to the bottle, until there is a request that I'm free, free, free you know. "
Princess Minnie    : "Then you're free, free, free."
Casper                    : "Really, are you serious?"
Princess Minnie    : "Yes, of course. I'm very serious. "
Casper                    : "Oh thank you the majesty. Yes, I'm finally free. "
Princess Aurora    : "Minnie, you said the second request for me. I want the Antic things from around the world to complete my collection, instead of freeing the genie weird like him."(Annoyed)
Princess Minnie    : "Oh, yeah, I forgot. Anyway, next time you're looking for more bottles. And free the genie again. Now,  It's your turn? "
Princess Aurora    : "Huh. "
Prince Black           : "What, me. Hmm. I just want to know who the owner of this scarf. "
Casper                    : "Name, scarf, who, name, Yes I know. Of course, that scarf is belong to a girl named Bawang Putih. "
Prince Black           : "Who is she? Where she lived. Can you take me to her house? "
Casper                    : "hey, boy, I approved exactly three wishes. The first is food. Oh this is so delicious. The second, I'm free, free, free. Thank you. And lastly, you just want to know the name of the owner of the shawl, only her name. Not where she lived, born, and, blablabla. . "
Prince Black           : "What? Oh,  You're really not helpful right now. "
Casper                    : "Calm down, I do not like it. Because you have set me free, I'll help you find her. "
Princess Aurora    : "How? With magic wands, flying broomsticks, or what? Show me, I need a collection of stuff like that. "
Casper                    : "No, I'll just spell this scarf. Anyone who wore this scarf will show his true identity. Weakness  and goodness will be revealed. "(Disappear)
Princess Aurora    : "Hey, Where is he?"
Princess Minnie    : "He seems like disappear."
Princess Aurora    : "I know he's gone, so I asked where he is."
Prince Black           : "Come on, let us go home now. "
All three were returned to the palace. Meanwhile, Red Onion, Bawang daun, and Bawang bombay come home after a walk from Disney Land.
Scene 4
Bawang merah     : "Bawang putih. Bawang putih. Hurry up[, come  here! "
Bawang putih        : "Yes I'm coming."
Bawang bombay  : "Quickly bring me a drink, I'm thirsty."
Bawang daun        : "And no cheese, remember."
Bawang putih        : "Don’t worry, I will not be able to make a glass of  cheese  juice."
Bawang merah     : "Stop talking, quickly bring us a drink. Do you want us to die because we thirst. "
Stepmother           : "Oh all of you are home. How do you feel? Are you Happy? "
Bawang Daun       : "Fun. I’m happy. And you know? "
Bawang merah     : " Tonight, Kingdom of Majamanis will hold a party to find the girl who would become the Prince Black's wife."
Stepmother           : "Really, So all of you must come to that party.”
Bawang bombay  : "Oh, sure Mom, I really wanted to go to the party. I'll look pretty there. So the Prince Black will directly fall in love with me. "
Bawang putih        : "I also want to get there, Can I?"
Stepmother           : "You, go to a party. Yes go in your dreams. "
Bawang merah     : "Don’t allow her to go to the party Mom."
Bawang Daun       : "Yeah, she's ugly, and I think she will only make the problem in there."
Bawang bombay  : "Listen Bawang putih, just go with your nightmare."
Stepmother           : "I'll never allow you to go there."
Bawang putih        : "But I want to go, please."
Stepmother           : "I said no, no. Don’t argue and Don’t try to go to there. See what will happen to you, if you go to the party. I’ll give a horrible punishment. Remember. Do you hear me?"
Bawang putih        : "Yes, I'm listening." (Sad)
In the evening, Red Onion, Bawang daun, and Bawang bombay farewell to go to a party.
Scene 5
Bawang merah     : "We’ll go Mom,"
Bawang bombay  : "Pray for me, Prince Black will choose me."
Bawang Daun       : "he will choose me."
Bawang merah     : "Me."
Stepmother           : "Shut up. Perhaps three of you will be selected. All of you. "
Bawang bombay  : "yes, and we will stay at the palace."
Stepmother           : "Yes, hurry up. Of course you don’t want to be late. One more. Bawang putih go outside the home and looking for the food. I'm hungry. But don’t ever try to leave. You will know the consequence if you leave. "
Bawang putih        : "This night. Mother."
Stepmother           : "Ya right now. I need for dinner. Quickly. Buy food for me. Go! "
Then Bawang merah, Bawang daun, Bawang bombay got to the party. While Bawang putih looking for the food. He walked through the riverside. She look so  sad. But then she meets Nemomi.
Nemomi                 : "Bawang putih, Where are you going."
Bawang putih        : "I looking  for the food for my stepmother. Hey, who are you? "
Nemomi                 : "I’m Nemomi. I think my friend Casper are free. Thus ended the curse on myself. I can change like human beings. But I’m still a wizard.
Bawang putih        : "Oh, you're really pretty Nemomi. "
Nemomi                 : "Really?"
Bawang putih        : "yes, and I don’t lie."
Nemomi                 : "yes, But why  you look sad? "
Bawang putih        : "I am sad because I could not come to the party in the kingdom of Majamanis. And I already promised to someone that I will go there. "
Nemomi                 : "Oh, do not worry. I can help you to go there. "
Bawang putih        : "How? Wear the clothes like this you mean, oh no . "
Nemomi                 : "Come on, I'll make the best dress for you. And we will go there with a rabbit. "
Bawang putih        : "Excuse me? Rabbits. Probably not. "
Nemomi                 : "Ya, I thinks so. OH, I know. The biggest elephant in the world, maybe."
Bawang putih        : "hmm. . I think elephants are also not match. "
Nemomi                 : "How about a shark. No no, Warship, a flying Dutchman, carriage horse. Oh I'm confused. Do you have any ideas? "
Bawang putih        : "I believe you. I'm sure you already know the best  vehicles to go to party. But How you do all the things you have said. "
Nemomi                 : "yes, I know, I know. I am a witch. So Come with me. We go to a party now. "
Scene 6
Narrator 1             : When the party begin.
King                         : "My son, now the party has already begin. What you've got the right choice. "
Prince Black           : "I'm puzzled father. Actually I've found her. But I'm afraid he will not come to the party.
Queen                     : "Who is she? What kingdom? "
Princess Aurora    : "OH, I know. She is from the Citarum River Kingdom, uuu. "
Prince Black           : "Shut up. That's not funny. "
Princess Minnie    :"Exactly the Kingdom of soil, water, fire, air? Hahahah. ... "
Prince Black           : "Stopped. I'm not in the mood to make a joke. I just know her name. She is Bawang putih. But I do not know where she lived and from which kingdom. But she's pretty and looks beautiful. "
King                         : "Is there a characteristic or other things that can help us find her?"
Prince Black           : "This Scarf."
Suddenly Casper appeared.
Casper                    : "Scarf, scarf. That's a good idea. "
Prince Black           : "Casper, when are you coming?"
Casper                    : "Me, I'm coming, coming just now."
Princess Minnie    : "Do you bring turkish delight?"
Casper                    : "of course. Here it is. Turkish, Turkish, delight. Oh no, no. I forgot. I’m sorry. "
Queen                     : "Who is he?"
Princess Aurora    : "He is the genie from a bottle. We found him when we went outside the palace. But just relax father, mother. I think he's not an evil genie. "
Casper                    : "very true. That scarf. Have you use that? "
Prince Black           : "Not yet. I do not know the way. "
Casper                    : "I do not know too. Oh Give me! Hey. The girls. You are so beautiful and ugly. Oh sorry. You. Come here. Let's ask him something. "
Prince Black           : "Ask what?"
Casper                    : "Anything, just ask."
Prince Black           : "Who are you?
Bawang bombay  : 'I’m bawang Bombay. Prettiest girl in the world. Look, my skin was clean, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, my smile is sweet. See! "
Princess Aurora    : "What? You're beautiful. Yes, maybe beautiful. But I think  Prince Black would not be happy with you. "
Bawang bombay: "What do you say?” He must love me. In my village many man fallin love with me. But I do not think they meant it. I've been betrayed by my boyfriend. He went with another girl. The girl was my own sister, bawang merah. Huh, I hate him. But she was my sister. I do not want to hurt her. "(Sad)
Casper                    : "Why do not you give a lesson  to your sister's, such as kill her."
Bawang bombay  : "Yes, good idea. I hate them. Bawang merah and Bawang Daun. They are very annoyed. They always borrow my  jewelery. I'd like to slice them like this. (Sliced) Then I fried them, I saute. I'll make a delicious fried rice with Bawang merah, Bawang Daun, and Bawang Bombay.
Princess Minnie    : "Yes, fried rice with sliced ​​Bawang bombay, Bawang merahs and Bawang Daun. Yummy. Uh, Bawang bombay But, is not that you? "
Bawang bombay  : "yes, I’ll cut myself like this, and. .
Casper                    : "you're die."
Bawang bombay  : "Yes, die, die, die. I die, I die, I die, no, no. "
Casper                    : "haha. . That's enough, now your turn. "
Casper tries to pair the scarf to Bawang Merah.
Bawang merah     : "No, I do not want to wear that scarf. That the stupid scarf.  How could my  little sister wants to kill me and kill himself. Come on now we'd better go. "
Bawang bombay  : "What? I want to kill myself. Indeed I want to kill myself. I'm heartbroken right ow. "(Grumble)
Casper                    : "No one can go from here."
Bawang merah     : "What?"
Then Casper put a scarf to Bawang merah
Casper                    : "Let's show who you really are!"
Bawang merah     : "I’m Bawang Merah, from a village near the edge of the Citarum river, I'm a pretty girl too.
Casper                    : "Let's ask him again."
Princess Aurora    : "Do you have the goods Antic. I will buy with a good price if you have. All the things of Antic and unique. "
Bawang merah     : "Buy, oh, money money. Really you'll buy with money. But ... the only thing that Antic just watch this. $ 200. But I have not settled the payment.
Princess Aurora    : "That’s not unique, or antic.
Casper                    : "haha. Very funny. (Whispers) you've got a secret. About yourself that other people do not know. Because the prince looking for a girl, but she is unknown. Come on, show your identity. "
Bawang merah     : "About me, which other people do not know. I love singing. But my voice is not melodious. I know that. But I do not want other people know. So I just sing in the bathroom. And sing with the slow  voice. "
King                         : "Bathroom, ha.. "
Bawang merah     : "That's my favorite place. No one will ever hear me singing to the rhythm of the tap water. "
Casper                    : "Then why do not you go to the bathroom, now. Maybe you want to pee. "
Bawang merah     : "Yes of course."
King                         : "Does she really want to pee."
Casper                    : "I am sure the majesty. Even she must have pee in her pants. "
Bawang merah     : "What do you say. Pee in my pants. These pants are very expensive. $ 400. Oh, what I was pee in my pants. Oh no. "
Casper took the scarf and put it into  Bawang Daun. But suddenly Nemomi come with Bawang putih.
Nemomi                 : "hey Casper. You're free. Oh I miss you. "
Casper                    : "Nemomi, my best friend in the whole of world. I miss you too. "
Nemomi                 : "Hey, what happened to him. Why he was silent as a statue. "
Casper                    : "Let's ask her about anything?"
Nemomi                 : "Hmm. Who are you, And Why you here? "(Posing as a detective)
Bawang Daun       : "I'm Bawang bombay. I came with Bawang merah and Bawang bombay. We want to follow the party and get elected to be Prince Black’s wife."
Nemomi                 : "I f you elected, what will you do?
Bawang daun        : "I'll take the Majamanis kingdom. And I’ll be rich. "
Nemomi                 : "What do you mean, I do not understand?"
Bawang daun        : " I'm going to be a queen like this. "
Queen                     : "Hey what are you doing? Thats my crown. "
Bawang Daun       : "Calm. I just borrow thisfor now."
Queen                     : "No, return my crown now."
Bawang daun        ; " Listen to me. After I became queen. I will drive out all of my family. Bawang merah, Bawang bombay, and Mother, because they are so fussy and annoying. And of course Bawang putih too. "
Prince Black: "What, Bawang putih?"
Nemomi                 : "Oh, so you're Bawang putih’s sister.
Prince Black           : "Do you know about Bawang putih?"
Nemomi                 : "of course see this,
Prince Black           : "Yes, Bawang putih, I'm looking for you."
Casper                    : "Oh, wait. Probably she pretend. Let's wear this scarf and show the truth of you! But wait, I forget if there's a magic fair at the Sigma School of Wizard. Come on Nemomi, lets go there Right now . "
Nemomi                 : "Really, Oh come on. I miss the magic fair. "
Casper                    : "Yes Please."
Bawang putih        : "I’m Bawang putih. I live with three sisters and stepmother.
Prince Black           : "Do you remember we met at the edge of the Citarum River.
Bawang putih        : "yes I remember. That's why I come to here to keep my promise that I will try to come to the party. "
Prince Black           : "You're that girl, Bawang putih. Father I choose him to be my wife. "
Bawang daun        : "What? Bawang putih, no, no, not her. "
Prince Black           : "Now you go away from here. And Bawang putih, stay with me in this palace. Marry with me. "
Bawang putih        : "yes, but  What about my family. Could they stay here in this palace too. "
Princess Minnie    : "Yes, so they become the royal cook. I think the royal kitchen will receive all of you."
Princess Aurora    : "Or they will help me to clean my collection things .”
Bawang daun        : "No, Who wants to stay with you bawang Putih. We don’t. Come on we better go home. "
Narrator 1             : Finally Bawang bombay, bawang merah, and Bawang daun go home.
Narrator 2             : Meanwhile Bawang putih and Prince Black married and live happily in the palace.
Narrator 1             : Nemomi and Casper is also returning to Sigma High School of the Wizard. All happily ever after.
Narrator 2             : No, No. Just see this part.
Bawang merah     : "Is it true you want to kill us and  yourself with sliced ​​like this." (Sliced)
Bawang bombay  : "Oh, of course not, do not believe that."
Bawang daun        : "yes, I'm sure the genie had been spell the scarf and embarrass us."
Bawang merah     : "This is because Bawang Putih. So we are unlucky. "
Bawang daun        : "See, That’s Mother."
Bawang bombay  : "what happen mom. Why you look so sad.”
Stepmother           : "Our homes were destroyed. Eaten by caterpillars (ulat bulu). And now we do not have a home anymore, we are so poor. "
All                            : "No."
Narrator: Finally all people live happily ever after, except Bawang Merah, Bawang Daun, Bawang Bombay and stepmother.


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