Simple Fable Story
Author : Iis Maryasih


Inside the jungle, exactly in the edge of river. There was a deer with its beautiful horn. Namely Russle. And a frog namely John. They were talking about the competition of the most beautiful horn.
“ You’d better believe that I would be the winner. My horn was the most beautiful horn. I was sure anyone didn’t have the horn like me,” said Russle.
“ Yeah, I think so. Your horn was very beautiful. I though you had a secret which made your horn look like that, right ?” John asked.
“ Certainly, you were right. Everyday I never forgot to clean my horn and smeared it with jaitun oil. I keep my horn well,” Russle answered.
Then John said again,” Excelence, you were keep it well. Your horn look like glow brightly and . . . . . . .” Suddenly Hubble came. Hubble was a deer which had a horn like as Russle. Hubble cut John statement.
“ Wait, wait, wait . . . You were really wrong. The most beautiful horn was mine. Look at this.” Hubble showed its horn.
“ How about me ? My horn was more beautiful than you Russle, weren’t it ?”said Hubble.
“ No, no, no . . . That was not true. Your horn just look like a branch that you sticked up on your head.” Russle blamed.
“ What did you mean ? Did you realize that you were ugly deer ! The most ugly deer.” Hubble upset.
While Hubble and Russle were quarelling, John tried to stop them.
“ Stoped !! Both your horn were beautiful. Don’t blame another ! That was not god way. Trust me !!” said John.
“ Yeah, blame another was not good way. So lets compete our horn. And who would be the winner,” said Hubble.
Then Russle answered,” Yup that was the best way. Deal ? “
“ Deal. . . . ” Hubble accepted Russle tantangan.
Next, they competed their horn by collide each other. There were not realize before that what had they done made their horn barb each other. So that their horn were broke. They shocked to see their horn fell and scattered on the ground. They never supposed before that now both of them couldn’t participate in the competition, because their horn were broke.
Hubble, Russle and John dissapointed about this accident. They regreted that Hubble and Russle didn’t hear John’s statement that dispute was bad. Now, they realize that snobbish and blame the other was adverse our selves and other too.  



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